Business Intensive for Photo Stylists Spring 2020

Join us for a One Day Business of Photo Styling & Hands On Styling Intensive on Beautiful Cape Cod.



Join us for a jam packed day of amazing keynote speakers, panels, conversations, and non-stop inspiration!  

A One Day Intensive focusing on your business, your portfolio, your website and building your brand. We will focus on your individual business and the entire Business of Photo Styling, (Studio and Location Styling), Techniques & Tools. (In all areas of Lifestyle Interior Styling:  Home/Interiors, Food, Tabletop, Floral,)  We cover it all!

Ever say . . .  I know I have what it takes to be a Photo Stylist . . .  if only I could learn the business of styling, have some styling training and connect with a styling industry mentor. Then the Interior/Lifestyle Photo Styling Summit is for you.  We teach you the "Business of Styling" so you can pursue your photo styling career and support you along the way.  Two (1 Hour) Coaching Calls after the Summit are included!

Our core mission and focus is to provide you a complete education to pursue your career in the photo styling industry and "go all in" with the questions you need answered - about the industry, the salary, and how to get (and keep) clients. Our mission is to enlighten, encourage, prepare and inform you with #realtalk about the key components of becoming a Photo Stylist and take your career to the next level!




We are heading beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Imagine seaside breezes, fishing fleets and beautiful crimson sunsets.  







✔︎ Have Connections & Conversations with Styling Industry Pros that Can Answer your Questions
✔︎ Have Clarity on How to Have a Stand Out Brand as a Stylist
✔︎ Know What You Need for (Above & Beyond!) Impressive Styling Kit
✔︎ Establish and Negotiate your Styling Rate
✔︎ Fully understand Your Styling Contract 
✔︎ Have a Framework for Working as a Stylist in Any Market/Region.
✔︎ How to Set Up Your Styling Business as a Business
✔︎ Valuable Instruction, Guidance and Discussions on Working with Creative Team (The Do's & Don'ts)

You will also receive ALL Downloads to our Signature "Business of Styling" Course Intensive, Including:

✔︎ Styling Contact ($450 Value)
Complete Styling Kit Resources & Checklist
✔︎ Styling Business Workflow Forms
(Eight Downloads helping you stay organized, focused and productive in your styling career)
✔︎ Comparison Chart for Freelance, Studio Staff Stylist & Signing with Agent


✔︎ Entire Blueprint/Framework  of  the "Business of Styling" so you can pursue your career as a Stylist!
✔︎ Two( 2) One Hour Coaching Calls after Summit to ensure you are on the path to photo styling success!



We "go all in" at this Summit!  It's a one day intensive where we cover everything you need to know about the Photo Styling industry.  Our true mission is to give you the best photo styling industry education and part of that is support after the Summit.  We know (from living it ourselves!) that there can be questions and challenges along the way!  We are here for you. After the Summit, you will receive Two (2), One Hour coaching calls to ensure you keep that momentum, information and Action Plan you learn at the Summit!


Styling Training for Wayfai

"Your styling skills are impeccable and your work ethic is bar none. Your styling and composition are exquisite. You continually show you have 20+ years in the field. All the projects you have been a part of has been successful and your innovation and thinking have been key"

"Bonnie is a styling powerhouse!  She brings an incredible amount of talent and knowledge."

"Stylists hold Bonnie in high regard and seek out her advice and expertise.  She both inspires others with her enthusiasm and is a strong communicator!”


Training for Stop & Shop Corporate Creative Team

Bonnie's workshop was great!  We crammed a lot into a one day workshop and looking back we probably should have made this a two day workshop so we could have had more hands on experience. Bonnie is incredibly knowledgable and brought her years of experience and knowledge to share. She was honest and upfront about how studios and vendors work and experiences she has had in the past. She provided great tips of the trade to help get our studio running more effectively.

Our Photographer & Creative Director were able to utilize Bonnie's studio knowledge and get recommendations on how to better set up our Studio for success. We all also really liked the hands on activity of how to use and style textiles and place settings!



Bonnie knows what it's like to build a Photo Styling career and her goal is to help you make your styling dream a reality.   Probably like you,  she lives and breathes style!  Bonnie’s Father was an Artist and her Mother had a love for Interior Design, so it was no wonder she would become a lover of all things style and become a Photo Stylist.

She stepped into my first photo studio as a model in the mid 80's, from there she started my own Licensed Modeling Agency in Massachusetts in the early 90's. In 1995, she transitioned that Agency into a Styling Agency and have been styling ever since working for national magazines, catalogs, commercials and brands. (Client List Below)

But, with all that fun and style, she’s learned over the years, sometimes the very hard way, (and shares those lessons) that it's important to really know and understand the Business of Style.

So, if you're feeling lost, overwhelmed, intimidated or don't even know where to start - she feels you :) Maybe you are an aspiring or new Photo Stylist wanting to learn the photo styling business, a Blogger interested in photo styling as a career or adding the expertise to your Blog/Business, or maybe you are a Stylist now, looking to perfect your business and styling skills?  We can help.  The Photo Styling Business of Styling Course and the Interior/Lifestyle Photo Styling Summit was created for you.



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