My Photo Styling Wardrobe


You would probably think as a Photo Stylist I would dress really "stylish" going to work on photo shoots - I don't! (lol) I have developed over years of styling my "signature/capsule" wardrobe. It's sorta plain - but I have my reasons. Here they are:

Wear Dark Clothing (Black/Navy)

Light clothing shows dirt more (& photo studios/location work can get dirty!)  Also, brighter clothing can be picked up on camera, when you are close to set.

Quick story:  I once worked in a Studio with many Stylists.  One Stylist hired was new to working in a Photo Studio (She came from retail, where she did home styling) She was very stylish and fashionable and one day wore a bright florescent dress to work. She looked great - but a bright dress reflects in a Photo Studio, and fellow stylists told her in a not so pleasant way! :( This is the reason I have workshops/summits and talk about life as a Photo Stylist - to let new/aspiring stylists know what to expect and learn about the styling business in a positive way!  

Dress in Light Layers.

So you have control when it gets hot or cold.  I love a long cardigan!  It's my "go to" and it has to have pockets.  (I always need something on set, a tool, etc. that I need to have on me - so it's great to have pockets!)  I've tried a "fanny pack" type of tool belt, but it's just too bulky for me.

Yoga Pant.  They are very comfortable and they can be dressed up when you wear a cardigan.  As a Stylist, my day consists of going up and down ladders, on floors, etc. and jeans or other pants can be restricting, so a yoga pant is perfect!

No Jewelry.  When working with any kinda of fabric items, (drapes, pillows, napkins, etc.) it's possible your jewelry could snag on fabric - so to be safe, I never wear jewelry on set/location.

Shoes with no laces.  No time to tie my shoes as a Stylist! (lol!) I always wear a loafer that matches my skin tone.  It comes off/on easy, if I have to step on seamless paper to put booties/socks on and it's comfortable/safe for all the work you do as a Stylist - like climbing ladders, etc.   This is where I feel I can show some stylish personality. Maybe a animal print, polka dots, etc. - but still a loafer.


If I am going to an interview, client meeting, or a production meeting for a styling assignment, I do dress differently.  My "go-to" is a dark wash jean, white tee and a really nice blazer in a dark color (Navy or Black)  I do wear heels and jewelry to meetings. (Heels are always closed heel and toe) At meetings, I feel I can show a more stylish personality. I still stay casual, because it is fitting to a styling job.  (So, I would say it's "upscale casual" or "smart casual".)

These are my "go-to" stores for my "working wardrobe".

(Blazers, Layering Tees)

Ann Taylor
(Long Cardigans)

(All Things Black with Modern, Clean Designs)

(Yoga Pants, Comfortable Pants)

(Loafers that feel like slippers!)

These are my suggestions and what I am comfortable wearing.  I feel all the above items gives you a put together, polished, (classic) stylish look that you would be comfortable working in all day. You want to look put together, but also ready to work!  

So, just to share my "go-to's" outside of work, they are Revolve, and Neiman Marcus -Contemporary/Cusp! - fun & trendy!

What are your "go-to's" for wardrobe?




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