Don't Always Give A Client What They Want

Aug 01, 2023

Don’t always give your Photographers and/or Clients what they want! ;) You are the Photo Stylist.  Don’t classify yourself as “the person who shops and then “arranges” items for a photo”.  You have a much BIGGER creative role than that!  YOU are their Stylist. 

Think of yourself as your client and photographers “Creative Advisor”.  Don’t be shy.  There is a way to express yourself for the greater creative good of the project.  It’s your tone and approach ~ but you NEED to tell them when you think that they are making a creative decision that is not good for the project. (or that could be a better creative decision.) AND to have foresight of giving them options and troubleshooting for them. To be a stand out Photo Stylist and "creative advisor" to our clients, we have to be mindful of that as well as the phrases to avoid while on a photo styling assignment.

The conversation (or statements) you never want to have with your client or Photographer after “something” does not work for a photo shoot (& really knowing as a styling professional, that it would NOT work is) :

“I didn’t think that would work” or responding with "Because that's what you said you wanted”.

You, of course, want to get everything that is requested of you by the Photographer and client.  Don’t be a “rebel” and refuse to get something because you think it will not work.  What I'm saying is voice your creative thoughts.  In time, when you advice is proven right ~ you will become a trusted creative and style advisor.  Play a part in the process.  You are not the “shopper”. Show your value.

Trust and believe in your creative self ~ You got this!

Bonnie ~

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