Photo Stylists Holiday Gift Guide for Clients

The gift giving season is here!  Whether your clients celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the New Year ’tis the season to spread joy and let them know you appreciate them!  What will you be giving your clients?  We put together this Guide to help give you gift ideas.  

While most people gift for the holidays, I'm a believer in gifting not just for the holidays, but throughout the year. (Gifts don't have to be big or expensive - but really just thoughtful, I always personalize gifts. (that doesn't mean just monogramming) I really ensure that it is something we talked about or something I know they will love - always thinking:  "surprise & delight"!  

During the Year, I take notes of conversations and what my clients like, what their hobbies are, etc.  This makes it a lot easier and you can be really thoughtful and personal when selecting your gifts.  (Also show your appreciation throughout the year as you work with your clients.) I bring coffee and donuts (treats) with me to photo shoots or small gifts during the year.

Give Personal Gifts. Visit your clients social media accounts to see what their interests, hobbies or the food that they like. (I always take note of conversations and things clients like throughout the year as we work together.)

Gift a Subscription.  When gifting your clients a subscription, they will think of you each time it arrives and when they use it!  (The Subscription you purchase does not have to be 12 months, you can purchase some for 3 months. (depending on your budget.) 

Be Creative.  I know, us Stylists are always called upon to be creative ;)  But, creativity is appreciated and remembered!  Do you work with a Photo Studio? How about sending a food truck to the studio or a (themed & creative) catered lunch for everyone?

Give Gift of “Experience”.  Give a gift of an experience that is relevant to your Industry or something you know they would like to do. (What would a Photographer, Fellow Stylist, Art Director or Creative like?)

Include Pets in Gift Giving.  Several studios I work with have a Dog and they are like part of the team, crew and family!  Does the Studio your work with or your client have a Pet? Include them in the gift giving!

Purchase Different Gifts for Everyone.  I know that is time consuming, but tis' the season to be thoughtful, individual, stylish & creative!

Keep Gift Spending In Proportion. Keep gifts in proportion to how much a client spends with you (for your services) to a degree.  If they hire you a lot (appreciate that) and give them a gift that reflects that.  On the other hand, if you purchase a very extravagant gift, it may make your client feel uncomfortable or it could be perceived as “going overboard” to secure more business from them in the future.  Just be mindful of your selections.


What interests do your clients have?  Gift an "experience", like the below ideas. (Do a search for companies in your area that provide these experiences or others.)

Vineyard (Wine) Tour or Beer Tour
Cooking Class
Craft / Pottery / Art Class
Hot Air Ballon Ride
Flower Arranging Class from Alicestable 

Also, a great gift if your Clients love flowers, is this arrangement from Farmgirl  (Again, you want them to be reminded of you. They will keep tiger mug and use for coffee, pencils, etc.) or if you are in their delivering area Landeau flowers are beautiful!

Are they a Movie Lover?  Get them some Movie Tickets 
Concert Fan?  Get tickets certificates here and here.

Gift of Education - Online Courses
(Great gift for fellow Stylist who is hoping to learn a new styling skill or business skill.  Some sites below are available in a Year Access Pass to any class.)

Brit. Co

Food Subscription Gifts

Kansas City Steaks
Mrs. Fields
Ice Cream
Stonewall Kitchen Foods
Organic Fruit
Graze Snacks
Craft Cocktails

Food Gifts

If you are gifting Client a food gift, I would suggest you give an item with gift that they can keep.  For example, with the Candy Gift below, I would include a nice candy dish that they will continue to use & of course stylishly wrap it! ;)

Sugarfina Candy
Sugarfina Candy
(Like that the above candy gifts are different, one is more colorful and one a bit more masculine)
Tea Set
(As I said above, it nice when you are giving a food gift, to include a non-food item as well.  This above gift is great become it's inclusive and includes both.)
(Mouth also has Food Gifts as well as Food Subscriptions we mentioned above.)

Both QVC and HSN offer Food Gifts and both offer Flexible Payment Plans. While I suggest not going over your Gifting Budget and staying within your means, this may be a good option and they are usually interest free.

Gifts for Stylists

Black Bag
Custom Bags
Brass Measuring Tape
Digital Measuring Tape
Pinch Provisions
Pantone Book
Pantone Book is a bit expensive, but every Stylist needs (& wants) one! and wouldn't a Merchandiser / Window Stylist love this Book)

Gifts for Food (& Prop) Stylists
(Food52 is a great source)

Apron / Cooking Set
Market Tote
French Market Tote
Walnut Spoons
(Napkins that are made with a lose, flexible linen/fabric are always needed by Food and Prop Stylists.)
Make Your Own Wooden Spoon Class
(This is a Massachusetts Class, but look for unique classes like this in your area! Eventbrite is a good source to look for these types of classes.)

Gifts for Hair & Makeup Artists (HMU)

Lipstick Chocolate
Lipstick Chocolate
Masterclass with Bobbi Brown
Hair Book
Toni Malt Makeup Transform
Face Paint Book

Gifts for Flower Market / Nursery Greenhouse Clients

Because a lot of my shoots include florals and plants, I work alot with Vendors from Flower Markets.  They are so amazing in getting items for shoots and are so accommodating - I always want to include them on my list!  Think of people who help you with your shoots. :)  Of course, any of the items on all categories would be good, but I wanted to mention items that are industry specific.

Plant Mister
Garden Gloves
Garden Tool Maintenance Kit
Really, anything from Terrain would make a great gift or how about a Garden Set made of Chocolate

Gifts for Pets

Dog Bowl

Gifts for Men

Art of Shaving

Gifts for Women

The Dry Bar

Gifts for the Photographer

I'm thinking it might be kinda safe to say that most photographers have at some point been gifted the lens shaped coffee mug.  It's the "go-to" gift for photographers, so I challenge you to think more creatively and really think about what the photographers you work with would like.


Also think about what kind of photographer they are:  advertising, beauty, fashion, interior, advertising, black and white.  It's, of course, always a risk with a Book that they may already have it, so I often look for new releases. Again, this is where the conversations come in, to see what they have, interests, etc.

Herb Ritts
Annie Leibovitz
Bill Cunningham
Photography Definitive History
The Light Between Us
30 Years of Polaroids
The Photographers Playbook with Pen
All American Ads from the 90's
(Also available in other decades. Would be great gift for an Advertising Photographer)

Online Class
Masterclass with Annie Leibovitz
(Keep in mind the skill level and type of photography of recipient.) Or you can
purchase a Year Access Pass and they can take any class. 

Photo Book of the Month Club:
Charcoal Book Club

Magazine Subscription:
Photo District News Magazine

Camera Prints
Camera Prints
This may fall into the Camera Lens Mug Category ;)

Gifts for Clients with a Love of Books

Book of the Month Club

Monogrammed Gifts 

When you are really not sure, a personalized monogram gift is always nice.  Oftentimes, we don’t purchase those types of items ourselves and it lets your clients know you did order it specifically for them which is very thoughtful. Below company (link) has many monogram options.

Monogrammed Pouch

Gifts for Clients with a Cause

Cause Box
The Little Market
Gifts for Good

Think about your specific client and the conversations you have about causes that are dear to their heart as you work together throughout the year . . .

Also, for a variety of Gift Baskets Teak and Twine is a great source.

If you do purchase a certificate, "experience" or magazine subscription you can still wrap it beautifully! :)  Place in a box, wrapped with beautiful bow!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! Happy Shopping!! Have something to add to our list?  Let me know!



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