Bending Over Backwards For Your Clients

Aug 12, 2023

Are you bending over backwards for your clients? Have you felt like this?  It may be because of a real, genuine PITA (Pain in the A**) ;) client OR it could be YOU just trying to please your client and then you realize  . . .  hey, I’m really bending over backwards here for this client . . . AND I’m feeling overworked, tired, resentful (& maybe under appreciated.)  There is a way of lovin’ on your clients AND setting some boundaries for yourself and your business.  I call it “bending with boundaries”! ;)

Your feelings can come in the form of:

■ Over customizing for them.
■ Undercharging for your services or travel.
■ Giving Free services or items away
■ Sucking the joy out of styling for you.
■ Endless revisions.
■ Changing scope of job. 
■ Just one more thingin’ you all the time.

BUT, you can “bend over backwards”, give great client service and “love on” your clients without straying outside your boundaries (and your contract).  If you need a Photo Styling Services Contract, we have one in our Business of Styling Shop.  Clarity in your contract helps!  (Scope creep can "creep" in, like I talk about in What You Can Do to Stop Scope Creep with Clients. Also, you want to make sure you know What To Charge For On A Photo Shoot Assignment . So, there is a balance ~ you want to stay true to your business policies and boundaries ~ but also treat your clients great! 

Couple of things I do: 

❤︎  Always bring sweet treats for creative crew! 
❤︎  Call out of blue to ask them to lunch or dinner.
❤︎  Send items I know they will love!
❤︎  Send them pics of items at all the Flea Markets I go to and offer to send items.
❤︎  Ask them to events I know they would like!

I also send (as a surprise!) ice cream trucks, prosecco wine and beer trucks and food trucks to clients.  (I usually send those on Friday mid-afternoons)

Also, I never make the “got any work for me?” call. If you stay in contact with your clients ~ you will never have to make those kind of calls.  You will always be "top on mind" for them.

Bonnie ~

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