These are my favorite (& exact! )  tools, organization and products I use in my Photo Styling Business! The products and tools you use ensure you both efficient and effective in your styling business.  These are the tools that do that for me ~ so I want to recommend them to you!


*Please note that links on this page are affiliate links.  We may receive a commission, at no extra cause to you, if you click through our links and make a purchase.  All the products here are the exact ones I use and love in my business and think you will too!


My Kit for 20+ years in the style business! Great organization, professional and durable.

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When I have little space in the studio/on location for setting up ~ I go up! Has wheels and folds up.

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Best vacuum ever had for all set clean up and prepping. Compact and powerful.

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$15 off your first 100+ order! My go-to! Have both lg and sm Work Totes in both colors! 

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Make shopping and arriving to the Photo Studio/Location organized, polished and easy!

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Heavy duty commercial grade but flexible and folding garment rack. Easy to pack.

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A Box Pleat Tablecloth is my favorite! Cloth touches floor so you can hide ;) items underneath to keep you space organized and neat on set.

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It takes more than our Styling Kit, tools and products of the trade to run a successful styling business.  These are the companies I use to help run my photo styling, education workshops and consulting businesses.


I have been with Kajabi from the very beginning. No other business has the customer service and attention to their customers and fostering their success than Kajabi! It contains all the features you need to sell, market and deliver your content. Everything you need is in Kajabi!  It make my business so much easier to have everything in one service/platform. They make it incredibly easy (super user-friendly!) to turn your knowledge and content into products you can sell.  

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You know email is important for your business. Flodesk can help! Flodesk is a marketing powerhouse!  You can easily create and send branded to you sales pages, emails, link in bios, landing pages and accept payments all in one service.

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