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Along with building your Styling Portfolio, you need to build your Business.  As Stylist's, we are naturally drawn to fun and inspiring projects (like styling for our portfolios!) But, along with that comes building our business so we can actually style for our dream clients and projects.  

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Styling Kit Training Conducted for Wayfair

Your styling skills are impeccable and your work ethic is bar none.  Your styling and composition are exquisite.  You continually show you have 20+ years in the field.  All the projects you have been a part of have been successful and your innovation and thinking have been key.

Bonnie is a styling powerhouse!  She brings an incredible amount of talent and knowledge.

Stylists hold Bonnie in high regard and seek out her advice and expertise.  She both inspires others with her enthusiasm and is a strong communicator!

 Full One Day Workshop for
Corporate Creative Department, Stop & Shop

Bonnie’s workshop was great!  Bonnie is incredibly knowledgable and brought her years of experience and knowledge to share!  She was honest and upfront about how studios and vendors work and experiences she has had in the past.  She provided great tips of the trade to help get our studio running more effectively.



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