Be The Obvious Hiring Choice As Photo and Prop Stylist

Jul 27, 2023

I always advocate developing a niche within your photo styling services. I have a small niche both in my styling career as well as my business with helping Photo and Prop Stylists with the “business side of styling” industry.  Many instruct on the "how to's", technical, hands on side of photo styling.  I chose to        (and have passion for!) helping Stylists with business development ~ the negotiations, setting styling rates, contracts, booking clients, keeping clients . . .  and to the point of this post ~ not many are doing it.  I want to be the "obvious choice" for when a Photo Stylist needs help with their career.

Same thing with my photo styling niche. (children's market) I CHOSE to have a small niche knowing I would be speaking and serving a small segment of the market. (I wasn’t concerned about that) I have a vision and passion that was true to my heart and what I wanted for my life and career. But, I did have a MISSION for my Styling Career . . . I wanted to be the "obvious choice." When a children’s company and brand was looking for a Photo Stylist ~ I want them to think of me.  Also:  there is a way to diversify your styling out. While I do children based styling ~ I do "lifestyle" styling, which means I can expand out to styling wardrobe, interiors (bedrooms, playrooms, etc.) and food. Those all fall under the "umbrella" of a child's "life". Think about how you can expand out with your niche.

You may be the "obvious choice" for a client because:

▪️ You specialize in styling jewelry
▪️ You specialized in soft styling of bedding products
▪️ Your “signature” styling is bright, bold neon palettes
▪️ You are “crafty” and can style unique crafts

▪️ You create your own unique, custom, beautiful surfaces for product styling.

(Any of these would make you an “obvious choice” for a client.  The list of examples like this could go on.)

I want you to be the obvious choice too!  So, hone in on a niche, work on your craft, work on your personal photo styling brand and stand out as a brand and companies "obvious choice".

Bonnie ~


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