Overcoming Perfection When I Was Hired In Flip Flops

Jul 06, 2023

Sometimes, as Photo Stylists we think everything has to be “perfect” before we go after that “dream job”.  This was a day that I realized that is not always the case and it really is important to be immediate and “seize the opportunity” when you hear about an assignment. This what I learned the day I got hired for a dream job in torn jeans and flip flops.

It was a summer day, I was told of the opportunity and where I should drop off a sample of my work.  (It was after “business hours” - so I thought no one would see me - as I went to drop off my work (just a 5 x7 card with my work & note) with torn jeans (like . . . “really” torn jeans and flip flops (so basically bare feet!)

The team was still there - so I meet them right there in my torn jeans and “bare feet”.  Story Short:  I got the job.  This is what I learned (was reinforced and remind myself of because, to be honest, I still have those “everything has to be perfect” moments.  So I think of this day.

AND, I THINK . . . Maybe

 I don’t have to have everything on my Website absolutely perfect.
 I don’t have to have “X amount” of Photos on my Website or my Portfolio.
 I don’t have to “go out shopping” or “obsess over” what to wear for interview or go see for assignments.
 I don’t have to have “X amount” of social media followers.

AND you don’t either.  BUT, this is what I did do:

 Practiced and perfected my craft of styling.
 Researched companies completely (and let them know I did!)
 Had a card/examples of my work that was a match to their market/brand and aesthetic. (Your chances are much better if this is a match!)
 When told about the opportunity, was pro-active, prepared and took immediate action

Don't let any "should be like this", "industry standards"  or "everything has to be perfect" influence you or stop you. What are your thoughts? Do you ever suffer from that “everything must be perfect”? I’m definitely in the “don’t GET ready, BE ready” camp ~ but also know we have to give ourselves grace. 

Bonnie ~


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