Photo and Prop Styling Kit and Tools Video

Sep 28, 2023

Need help with know what should be in your Photo and Prop Styling Tool Kit?  Actually, as Stylist's we need to know MORE than just the "What Should Be In My Styling Kit"?  We have to know:

◼︎ How to arrive to the Photography Set
◼︎ How to Look (& be) organized, polished and professional
◼︎ How to set up your styling work station
◼︎ How to build your Kit to be efficient and effective

All that has to be considered when you are putting together your Photo and Prop Styling Kit.  We talk about some of the items you need in your professional photo styling career in Everything You Need For Your Photo and Prop Styling Kit.

In our Photo and Prop Styling Video, we cover everything you need to know.  If you want to know the products, tools, methods and the "how to tips" of my 20+ years in the prop and prop styling business it's all in the Video, with a checklist included in our Business of Styling Shop.  I show you all the tools and products I use and how to arrive to assignments and how I organize "my space" and Kit at a styling assignment. We cover it all!

Our mission here is to organize, prepare and protect you in your photo and prop styling career. We want for there to be no reason why you will not be hired back by clients over and over ~ and be a stand out, always booked stylist.

Have a question about our Video or anything in our Shop, please reach out!

Bonnie ~


Image Credit |Jamie Bannon Photography

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