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Mar 06, 2024

Today, I attended Fashion Snoops Live Show and Tell . Every first Wednesday of month  
Fashion Snoops has a Show and Tell where Editors share what they have been loving lately with links. (They include links to articles, sites and instagrams.) I regularly tune into Fashion Snoops Live events and subscribe to their Trends Newsletters (Every Tuesday they send out a Top 5 Trends) They are an absolute "go to" for trends.  

They talk fashion, home and beauty trends.  So, its great for all styling niches and for Lifestyle photo stylists.  (I style “lifestyle” fashion, BUT I love to keep on track of the high fashion trends, because they do (in moderation of style) are seen in lifestyle, casual fashion as well. And, as stylists, it’s great to have a trend knowledge range.

And also, while I may not absolutely love the trend, object, article, etc. they are talking about/suggesting, I LOVE the source they have brought me to.  (other things on the site suggested have caught my eye and have been useful for sourcing or knowledge.)

NEXT SHOW and TELL:  April 3, 2024.
(You can also catch the Video on FS YouTube.)
I do like to register and attend live, because they send you all the links they talked about and I save that in my "Trend File" for reference.

While they chat on many range of topics and styles, here is just a sampling of topics Editors talked about today.  AND, I wanted to also share this great source (of Fashion Snoops) with you!


What?!?  They had me at “Shoppable Mood Board”!  To celebrate her new album, Deeper Well, Song Writer, Kacey Musgraves (& Etsy Superfan) created a Shoppable Etsy Mood BoardA rootsy, earthy look and vibe that depicts the feeling of her new album.  She describes her Mood Board perfectly: 

Find Your Heart in the Woods.  Nature-inspired home decor, accessories and more that embody life simple pleasures.

Kinda lovin' these glove, arm warmers! These would definitely make the creative brief and prop/fashion shop list when styling a woodsy, earthy, cozy campaign or shoot.


"A fresh Perspective on what home is and means to people." "Annie Leibovitz, known as a portraitist, who revolutionized the genre of portrait photography with her original and iconic depictions of many of the world’s most beloved cultural figures portfolio also includes a broad collection of fashion photography, landscapes. Leibovitz became the first  IKEA Artist in Residence. This collaboration saw her document the reality of life for real people in their homes around the world. As a photographer who has always preferred lived-in environments to the studio, she was perfectly suited to step into the role of IKEA Artist in Residence, with the goal of shedding light on insights captured by the annual IKEA Life at Home Report."


I find that although we as Home/Interior Photo Stylists, style homes in terms of aesthetic, its always great to have a larger scope of what “home” means to people, so we can also “properly” and emotionally style with the stats and wide scope that this report shows us.

Love that idea offers a Magazine.  We, as Stylists are always carrying our iconic blue bag, but Ikea offers not only our styling props ~ but great knowledge and insight to help us.

Life at Home Magazine



Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe are hunters of inspired style. Their partnership began in manhattan in 2004 then to LA for a design studio and boutique. in 2008  Their offerings are bespoke furniture, and globally sourced home accessories.  Think:  vintage aesthetics, global treasures and craftsmanship converge.  At Nickey Kehoe, they bring the curated look from flea market to you.

ALSO, they have Events!  Events like these are always a GREAT opportunity for us Photo and Prop Stylists to "up our game" and learn new skills and hone the ones we have.  It can be in your style niche or outside exploring different skillset.


As quoted by Migliazzo Simon, designer in the article,The ‘unexpected red’ theory is basically adding anything that’s red, big or small, to a room where it doesn’t match at all, and it automatically looks better,” “There is something about red, specifically,” she said. “It evokes so many different emotions, both positive and negative, that it grabs your attention.”




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