Rug Styling Tips from Interior Photo Stylist

This Post does not contain any affiliate links.  This post is my desire to share my thoughts with you on products that would be great for your interior photo styling assignments, but also your own home :)

As an Interior Stylist, we style alot with rugs, right?  Recently, I was introduced to rug company, Ruggable!  You know when I find a product I love, I just have to share it with you!  Jeneva Bell, the founder, started the company years ago when her dog had an ”accident” on her rug!  Isn’t that how great companies start?  Fixing a problem, finding and offering a solution! :)

Ruggable rugs are made and packaged in Los Angeles, California. The Ruggable Rug is a 2 piece rug system that is stain resistant for easy cleanup and goes right into your washing machine!  Check out the video here. Rug covers are interchangeable so you can easily update your room.  For Interior Stylists - how amazingly easy are these to style with!  No more heavy, cumbersome rugs being carried or sent to shoots and so many colors and a variety of styles to chose from for your clients!  It doesn’t get much easier than this, right?  As a stylist, these are just a couple of my reasons for loving Ruggable - but check out more reasons here.

Recently, I was asked by Gracee Tolentino from Ruggable to share my thoughts on Building the Perfect Modern Man Cave and along with Jenny from Gather Home and Design,  Ways to Bring California Coastal Chic into any Room, even if you don’t have a beach home.  

A rug really is the statement piece of any room you style.  It grounds your entire space and it adds the personality and warmth to the space and the photos you style. The rug is one of the first pieces I pull/select when styling a brand's images for catalogs and magazines.  A lot of the style elements and color palette are pulled from the Rug I select.  It's one of the key pieces to interior shots.  It sets a tone for the entire image.

My go-to Styling Tools for Rugs:

Lint Brush 
If you have seen any of my Kit Classes, you know I love a mini or retractable tool to put in my kit.  It allows you to have more room in your kit.  But it has to be effective!  This is the brush I use.

Love this Vacuum!  I use this for tight, close up shots. It's small, but mighty!  I use this because the camera sees everything and for close up detail shots you want to make sure rug is completely clean.

Want to mention Zots, in this post, because it is my "all time "go-to" adhesive" to hold down rug corners.  But the beauty of Ruggable, is you don't need them, because of their non slip pad and 2 piece system! (Another great feature!)  You also don't need stain remover, which I would also put in my Kit for styling rugs :)

These are some of my favorite Ruggable rugs: (Check out some of my other favorites in the posts above.)


Victoria Teal Green Rug

Watercolor Blue Waves Rug

Above Cover Images:
Linear Stripe Rug and Agate Turquoise Rug

All Images / Source:  Ruggable




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