Ways to Expand Your Photo Styling Talents and Income

Sep 22, 2023

We talk a lot about adding to your photo styling services and income streams around here. I always want to inspire and encourage you to branch out and monetize your styling talent in different ways. One way to open up SO much styling opportunities is to do in person (or video) workshops to teach others to style.  That can mean other aspiring photo stylists or anybody who is interested in learning some “tips of the trade” to photo, food, wardrobe or lifestyle styling or it can mean doing styling instructional videos for your clients.

Getting comfortable presenting and demonstrating for clients was one of the cornerstones to me helping corporate brand clients by doing styling demonstrations for their Creative and Art Department employees.  Yup, we as Freelance Photo Stylists don't always like hearing it ~ but some brands have their own in-house art directors do their own styling, instead of hiring a photo stylist.  (They want their own employees to do the styling, so they will not have to hire a freelance or agency stylist.) BUT, positive side here ~ that is an opportunity and business income stream for YOU! I have been doing these presentations, styling demonstrations, and "tips of the trade" sessions for corporate and creative brand in-house departments and love doing them!

But when I mention that as an option (& opportunity) to Photo Stylists, I get the OH NO! I’m not comfortable speaking in front of people (or even on video) I would never do that! But, you can do that! It just takes learning the techniques and practicing.   

This is what (working on) and overcoming your public speaking, video and presentation skills could mean. Exposure of your Business by: 

▪ Guest Speaking on Podcasts
▪ Speaking on Interviews as Styling Expert
▪ Speaking at Conferences
▪ Speaking on Social Platforms
▪ Creating your own Styling Video Workshops
▪ Doing Styling Videos for Clients/Brands

We all start somewhere.  I have done some pretty embarrassing videos for my clients!  But, I knew if I was to expand my services and business, getting comfortable with public speaking was absolutely necessary. It’s constant practice. With time, practice and learning, you DO get better and more comfortable. Also, remember that getting to know you (on video or audio) adds to that know-like-trust factor! AND I'm a big believer in the benefits of being bold and brave.

Don’t HIDE your styling talent because of any fear or uncomfort you may have about public speaking. You can expand your business SO much by overcoming it!  There is so much you can do and smany ways to make money as a Photo Stylist. When I was told my rate was too high ~ I created a solution for this (potential) client. I'm an advocate of "don't lower your styling rate" ~ find a solution that meets your client's needs without lowering your rate.  

If you need some help with determining your rate through assessment, we have a Guide for that in our Free Resource Library ~ It's Negotiating Your Styling Rate Self Assessment Guide and Cheatsheet.

You can create solutions for your clients and opportunities for yourself.

Bonnie ~


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