Be a Persistent Photo and Prop Stylist

Jul 28, 2023

We have all heard it said and seen the quote graphic:  "If no one is answering ~ then it's just not your door." My feelings on the "not your door" philosophy is . . .  I don't believe it or prescribe to it!  Maybe no one is answering today.  But, please know this:

▪️ Photo Stylists move on. (or get let go)
▪️ Photo Stylists get promoted. (From Junior to Senior Stylist, to Art Director)
▪️ Creative Directors change. (often!)
▪️ Art Directors change (often!)

▪️ Producers (who sometimes hire) change.
▪️ Photographers change or new ones are added to Team.
▪️ Agency Bookers and Directors change.
▪️ You will gain more experience to capture attention.

▪️ More work is generated by client which = need for more Photo Stylists

There are many reasons you may not have gotten the job the first (or second) time you knocked. Keep a knockin’!  Don’t take no for an answer. It you really, really want to work for that client, keep trying.  Just because they did not answer that door the first time doesn’t mean they never will.  Maybe timing or situation was not right ~ but "things change".  I share this with you because many a time I have been hired through persistence.

When clients are ready to hire a Photo Stylist who do you think they might think of first?  Who will be "top of mind?" Yup, It’s those that check in with them on a regular basis.  Because this is what they already know about that Stylist:

▪️ They want to work specifically for them.
▪️ They have updated them on their work. (so they know their style)
▪️ They are organized.
▪️ They don’t take “no” for an answer.

When you think about it ~ we need to be persistent and "relentless" when you are a Photo Stylist.  We are often "on the hunt" for very specific items for our clients photo shoots.  THAT is such a great (necessary) trait in a Photo Stylist.  You are showing you have that by continuing to check in with a client you want to work for. Clients need a relentless, persistent ~ I’m gonna find it kind of Stylist!  You have already showed them that is in you! 

Hope this has inspired you to knock on a door that did not open before!  Keep knocking'!

Bonnie ~

Image Credit | CoffeandMilk via Istockphoto

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