Do You Suffer From "When I" Syndrome as a Photo Stylist?

Aug 03, 2023

As a Photo Stylist, do you suffer from what I call the "When I" Syndrome?  It's thoughts you might be telling yourself and it goes a littl' something like this:   I will try to book that client I dream of styling for, I will ask that Photographer if I can test with them, I will approach that Creative Agency to see if they will sign me on for representation . . . "WHEN I". 

▪️ WHEN I have more “Years in the Business”
▪️ WHEN I have more “Experience”
▪️ WHEN I have more “Clients”
▪️ WHEN I have more “Photos” in my Portfolio
▪️ WHEN I have a “Better” Website

Instead of thinking about any of these reasons why you are waiting ~ don’t wait.  I have helped Stylists who are extremely talented from “Day One” of Styling who were “waiting” because they thought their business had to follow certain:

“Steps” of styling
"Timelines" of styling
"Rules" of styling.

Don't wait. Don't fall into the "when I". Our goal as a Photo Stylist is to be the obvious hiring choice with clients and prospective clients. (To get to that point, we have to jump in there, hone and perfect our styling craft and specialize in our photo styling niche to be known as "the one" to hire!) We have to be bold, take risks, and be brave enough to knock on those client doors and take messy action!

Bonnie ~ 

Image Credit | CoffeandMilk via Istockphoto

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