How To Take On Your Prop and Photo Styling Challenges

Aug 11, 2023

What are your photo styling challenges?  Technical, hands on, styling challenges?   I always talk about the business side of photo styling here ~ so thought I would “mix it up” and talk about the hands on styling part of the industry!

Below images are my challenges! These are images I styled for both Wayfair and Joss and Main.  It’s the “random” here you go ~ make something stylish out of this group of products styling assignment scenario!  

To be honest, now it’s a bit fun to try to make something stylish from these random products that coming wheeling onto my photo set!  It’s a bit of a fun puzzle to try to figure out!  (But it’s really a challenge!) Because, believe me there are times when I say . . .  “How the heck am I going to make ANYTHING stylish out of these items and make them all look beautiful and sellable, all against a flat white wall?"  (right!? that's our job to make it so stylish, beautiful and enticing that it sells!)  Can you believe that Laundry Room?!  That’s alot of products to put in one shot!  (& THAT'S the "rule"/assignment ~ you have to get all the products into one shot!)

I let go of that strive of perfection in my styling career and take on those challenges!  As a result, I have learned more photo styling techniques and have gotten more jobs because of it!  That, and being brave and bold to knock on the door have been cornerstones in my career.

It’s easier to style products when they are placed in a lifestyle setting ~ in a living room, kitchen or bedroom.  It’s totally different styling them like this! (Just products against a wall, with minimal props that you can use to tell the styling “story”.) Because you can't put items (props) into the shot that look like the company's that people want to buy ~ that isn't for sale by the company!

So, when you are faced with and get a styling challenge:

■ Take on the Challenge!  With each experience comes more skill and “mastering your craft”!

■ Don’t complain about the assignment or say “you can’t do it!”  You can!

■ Ask for another Stylist’s advice and input!  Don’t be afraid to do this! Even if Stylist has “less experience” or “less years in the business” than you.  We can all learn from each other.

■ After you see images, honestly “critique” yourself and see how you might improve.  

What’s your styling challenge?  Is it a grouping of products, like mine?  Shiny objects? Type of food? Stiff, “uncooperative” challenging fabric you have to make look beautiful?  Styling technique? 

Bonnie ~


My Photo Styling image challenges of getting all products into one shot!  Styling for Wayfair and Joss and Main.

Images Credit: Wayfair and Joss and Main  | Styled by Bonnie Aunchman

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