Striving For Perfection In Your Photo And Prop Styling Career

Sep 10, 2023

Do you have a habit of procrastinating OR striving for perfection in your photo styling career? Are you waiting for the perfect photos, perfect website, perfect time to approach your dream client?  Please don’t wait.  If you are doing it ~ I get it. I feel you. I have done it.  

As you are waiting for those perfect situations, a client could hire another Stylist.  Take the time to gather and complete your images and client pitches.  As is often said . . . Don’t get ready, stay ready.  Oftentimes, I see Photo Stylist’s consistently in that “getting ready” mode.  You might be surprised . . . You can get hired from showing a handful of photos to that client that matches their needs, aesthetic and style.  

I have seen it done AND I have experienced it myself.  It does not take a huge amount of photos for a (Photographer, Art Director, Creative Director, or Client) to KNOW you are the right Stylist for their job and assignment. So, please remember this below quote as perfectionism starts to creep in.

Not yet.
Not yet.
Not yet.
Too late.

As an example, if you are working on your website and you are "tweaking, refining, perfecting" it, and you keep saying to yourself . . . it's not yet quite ready (or perfect) to launch?  I call this the When I Syndrome. You don't want to have that "too late" feeling. Nothing is more frustrating than to not apply for (or say no to) a job you thought you were not talented or skilled enough to do OR that you kept trying to perfect everything to apply for it to seeing the end styling result and say to yourself . . . ya know, I could have done that! (or could have done it better! ;) ~ just sayin'.

That's why I share this message with you. It's just human nature sometimes to procrastinate, embrace perfectionism or think we are just not talented enough ~ & see the that we REALLY are and we lost (was too late for) an opportunity.  I talk about a time when I realized that I didn't have to strive for complete perfection when I was hired for a photo styling job in flip flops.

Now, your photo styling craft and skills ~ that's a whole other story!  You do want to perfect your craft.  Perfecting (& want to perfect) your styling skills is a great trait to have.  You want to provide your clients with your absolute best work and talent.

Believe in yourself ~

Bonnie ~


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