Three Ways To Get Testimonials For Your Business

Mar 14, 2024

Consulting and those short "Work with Me", discovery call sessions you do can be a opportunity to get testimonials for your business.  Anytime you provide value and make a difference for someone is an opportunity to receive testimonial.

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In our Testimonial Series we are talking about another way get feedback that you can turn into a spotlight on the value you bring ~ discovery and consulting sessions. We think of these quick meeting as just a meeting to see if a customer "fits" into your services you provide or (let's be honest) a opportunity to "sell" them on your services.  

They can be more than that.  Just because it's a quick meeting does not mean that you have not given immense value in that quick meeting.  We think that our testimonials come from our long(er) services.  It does not have to be.  I have talked about the income streams I have for my styling business.  One is a one hour meeting I offer with those who say . . . "We can't afford you".  I offer a creative meeting and go IN on the value for a creative team to do a photo shoot (without a stylist)  I PACK the value into that one hour meeting. (AND ask for a testimonial after that!) The duration is short but the impact, value is LONG! ;)  

So, I’m sharing this “happy accident” with you. I have done many “Work With Me Wednesdays” where I do an Announcement Post on my IG to work with me.  It was (is) a true-blue I want to help you post, no strings attached, no expectations on my part ~ just a true ~ I want to help you in your business and give you some real, valuable action steps to help your business.

None of the “I will tell you the “why” ~ but ya gotta pay for the “how”. Nope!  That’s not how I roll!  I go in 100% And as I say “no filter ~ no fluff”. It was in no way a “sale tactic” for me.

THIS IS WHAT I FOUND / I got Testimonials! Alot of them! 


When I post announcement, I say the first three people in my DM will get 30 Minute Session.

You have to schedule your “Work with Me” Session within the following week.

One Topic Discussion. (I want to focus and provide you a solution and plan.)

No rescheduling.


So, I found that through doing these sessions (that are 💯 non sales) gave me such GREAT testimonials! This is what they also did

▪︎  Made connections and friends!
▪︎  Deeper relationship with my Followers!
▪︎  Gained clients!
▪︎  It was a FOCUS GROUP! I learned ALOT of what was needed. (& directed my content and help in that direction.

BUT, like we are talking about with the previous two posts ~ I got TESTIMONIALS!  They were just coming into my DM after the session. Then, I began to ask at the end of session: “Please let me know if you feel that I helped you today and what your thoughts are” ~ BOOM! 💥 TESTIMONIALS!

THAT is why I request we only talk about one topic during the session.  I want that dedicated time to give a plan, resource, solution to their (1) concern. You have to "transform".

YES, this takes some time. But you have to work and earn your testimonials. Share your value.  To Recap How to Get Testimonials:

(1)  Low Hanging Fruit Testimonials
(2)  Creative & Fun to Fill Out Surveys
(3)  Consultation Sessions

Remember, the more services you provide, the more of an opportunity you have to receive those compliments and feedback on your business. Check out our post on Eight Ways to Make Money for a Photo Stylist for some ideas on how to expand your photo and prop styling business with more income streams.

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