Photo Stylists Best Conferences, Tradeshows and Events to Attend

My goal with this Site and Blog is to help you as a Photo Stylist, whether you are thinking about a career in styling or if you are styling now and feel you may want further help or if you are a Blogger or Photographer who feels that photo styling business knowledge would help in your career. You will find many Resource Guides in our Library. I'm starting our Blog with this post because I feel the key to being a well rounded stylist is education and you get that by attending conferences and events - both by gaining insight to different niches/avenues you can take and by meeting people! :)

Knowledge of a wide variety of topics and niches is great for your styling career.  I am a Lifestyle Stylist (styling home/interiors, food, and wardrobe)  At times, I have been called upon to do styling that is outside of my niche.  So, it’s always great to have knowledge of other niches and disciplines, business and the industry as a whole.  The following topics are great...

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