Best Way To Get Items For Your Photo Shoot Assignments

Question that many Photo Stylists and Prop Stylists get asked is "Do you return everything you have used for a photo shoot ~ even if you have "used" them or as in wardrobe "they have been worn" by...

Photo Stylist and Prop Stylist Employment and Career Options

Should you be a Freelance Photo or Prop Stylist, sign with a Styling Agent or Agency or become a Studio Staff Stylist?  These are some questions you might be asking yourself if you are just...

Create Yourself Smile File For When You Need Boost

With everything we need to think about running a photo styling business, these are some of the things you might be thinking about in your day-to-day running of your business. Traditionally, Photo...

Eight Ways To Make Money As A Photo Stylist

There are SO many ways to make income with your Photo Styling talent.  Here are eight ways for you to develop income streams for yourself and styling business:


1.  ...

Income Streams For Photo Stylists

At some point in our careers, we will probably hear that statement:  "Your rate is too high" ~ we can't hire you.  Like many things, solutions (& income streams!) are...

Overcoming Perfection When I Was Hired In Flip Flops

Sometimes, as Photo Stylists we think everything has to be “perfect” before we go after that “dream job”.  This was a day that I realized that is not always the case...

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